Gallery – ANZAC Retrospective

Ransacking the Australian Cartoon Museum Archive, for this Inaugural online Cartoon Gallery Exhibition was not hard. The Archive has hundreds of great examples of Cartoons pertaining to ANZAC. The Museum has already produced 2 short films on the ANZAC theme.  We did not want to use Cartoons used previously but give already published Cartoons a Second Life so to speak. Part of our Mission Statement is to keep Cartoons Alive by Showcasing them in different ways. Cartoons are recognised Time Capsules which make them ideal in telling our Australian Story. This Exhibition reflects the Historic Gravitas of our “One Day of the Year! ‘’but also, our Intrinsic Humour and our Changing Values.


So, Enjoy the Cartoons and the Story they tell and Reflect on Why, we continue to Celebrate this day.


Jim Bridges   President and Founder of The Australian Cartoon Museum.